etc... eatery was founded on two basic principles, a love for the Pacific Northwest and an unwavering level of inclusivity. We believe that everyone deserves access to great local fare, custom craft beverages, an authentically safe space, and the ability to host a superb event.

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etc... eatery is proudly a woman-owned Portland based business.


Julia webster & Cheryl Scollo, long-time friends and business partners, began entertaining the idea of etc... eatery in 2014, both frustrated with their day jobs and wanting more. They wanted to facilitate an environment where they could build a community of local food purveyors, artisans & small businesses and grow together. After more than 5 years of planning, adapting, learning, and curating, etc... eatery has become a resource for local fare, comfortable atmosphere, and a food culture that showcases the best of what's being made right here in the Pacific Northwest.

"When you have more than you need,

build a longer table, not a higher fence."


One of the cool things about etc... eatery is that we are in a constant state of evolution focused on the concept of intentional randomness. When we settled on our name, we wanted it to feel undefined and fresh; a little bit of everything. We went into the industry with a vision of becoming whatever the community needed and adapted quickly to the demand for dietary sensitivity in our menus, a safe community gathering space, special events and private dining, and, of course, a family-friendly eatery.